The Pippins children were delighted to finally finish Elmer on our display board. We have now learnt lots of different colours and are excited to be starting our Christmas activities. Watch out at home as the glitter is about to be flowing in abundance!

Acorns class have been busy doing a few autumn activities before starting our Christmas theme. We have finger painted some autumn trees, collaged squirrels and had fun with paint in a see through bag, using our hands to spread the paint around creating lovely autumn coloured trees.

Oaks children were using their observational skills this week at Forest Schools. They started off the session with an ‘Autumn Scavenger Hunt’ where they had a list of things to look for in the woods; a bare tree, a conker and yellow leaves were amongst the items. Some were hard to find; all the squirrels obviously hid away from the children! They then enjoyed a fun game where they had to bury 3 pine cones each, just like squirrels, go for a walk then come back to see if they could remember where they had buried them. The children had to make sure another ‘naughty’ squirrel had not been in the meantime and taken them!

The class also enjoyed cooking and of course eating some little ‘hedgehog’ bread rolls.