Students with headteacher

What are you reading this weekend?

25th March 2019

What are you reading this weekend, and how important is reading to you? If you stop to think about it for a moment, it rapidly becomes clear how difficult our lives would be if we could not read. All of us read all the time, and most of the time, we are not really conscious that we are doing it. I love reading but do find it difficult to make the time to build reading into my daily routine. I guess that, like me, many of you might also struggle to make the time to read and some may say that they are too busy to read. Others of you will be passionate readers who always have at least two books on the go!

I know that we have lots of pupils at Copthorne who also love to read: this is excellent and something that we will continue to encourage and nurture in them. I also know that some of our pupils find reading tough because of dyslexia or phonological processing issues. They will continue to receive our support and encouragement. Whether you are a reluctant reader or a bookworm, I am utterly convinced that the more often you read with your children, the better their own ability to read and acquire a vocabulary will be. Mrs Litchfield, our Head of English, has been working tirelessly this term to organise the entire library so that all the children can begin to benefit from the Accelerated Reader scheme; I would like to thank her for all her efforts with this. The love of reading that this scheme will inspire will be beneficial to the children for years to come.

In a world of computer games, on-demand TV and Netflix, it is all too easy to say we don’t have time to read, but I think it is one of life’s pleasures to get ‘lost’ in a book and I would encourage you all to read to your children, to read with your children and to listen to your children read. For children growing up, watching what adults do and modelling is one of the most powerful aspects of education and we must all try very hard to find the time in our busy lives to promote this vital skill. Happy reading everyone!