Well, Year 4 are finding out today as part of their Roman Day, the highlight of their topic. Roman General, Maximus Decimus Meridius (aka Gladiator), spent the day in school teaching the children about life in Roman times. They all looked  wonderful dressed in period attire and the day culminated in a feast – I have heard that the roasted dormice were especially good!

In the Prep School the assembly theme for the week has been on overcoming adversity, showing courage and persevering when things get tough, and accepting that it is OK to fail/make mistakes. We only really fail if we don’t learn from our mistakes and fail actually stands for First Attempt In Learning! I must take this opportunity to congratulate the children who took their LAMDA exams last term – what amazing results were achieved by every single child who took part! They all worked hard and showed enormous courage!

We welcomed Derek and Henry, two Chinese boys who are considering boarding at Copthorne after Easter, 16 teams played sport on Wednesday and 36 children represented the school at the Cross-Country event at Great Walstead School this afternoon.

Finally, Ball tickets are selling fast, but it is not too late to get yours – Astro Ball –  Saturday, 9 February at the Effingham Hotel. Details on the website! See you there!

Have a great weekend.

Chris Jones, Headmaster