The Pre-Prep

At Copthorne Prep we strive to develop confidence, provide opportunity and realise potential in every child.

This mission statement, together with our core values, underpins our curriculum. We strive to offer children the opportunity to realise their potential across the entire spectrum of academic, artistic and physical disciplines which makes up our curriculum, and we recognise that confidence and high self-esteem are essential for a successful and happy learning experience.

At the centre of pupils’ educational experiences at Copthorne is our written policy on the curriculum, which provides for

  • a full-time supervised education which gives our pupils experiences in linguistic, mathematical, scientific, technological, human and social, physical, aesthetic and creative education
  • subject matter appropriate for the ages and aptitudes of our pupils, including those pupils with a statement of special or EHCP educational needs (“statement”)
  • pupils to acquire skills in speaking and listening, literacy and numeracy
  • additional support where the child’s first language is not English
  • an education which fulfils the documented requirements for a pupil who has a statement of special or EHCP educational needs (“statement”)
  • personal, health, and social education (PSHE) which reflects Copthorne’s aims and ethos
  • all our pupils to have the opportunity to learn and make progress
  • adequate preparation of pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life

We achieve the aims and objectives listed in our teaching and learning policy by delivering a curriculum that:

  • reflects the school’s mission statement and core values;
  • brings knowledge, skills and concepts into the reach of all our children, in exciting and engaging ways
  • promotes an integrated programme of learning across the age ranges, creating an eleven year academic journey for our children, from nursery to year 8
  • offers a broad range of subjects, disciplines and skills from the fields of humanities, sciences, languages, creative arts and sports
  • allows for active learning across the spectrum of subjects, by allowing for children to question, scrutinise and evaluate the knowledge presented to them
  • incorporates differentiation and personalised learning, so that all pupils’ needs are met, from language and learning difficulties to accelerated learning for gifted and talented children
  • allows for cross-curricular learning and teaching wherever appropriate, to encourage children to make connections and develop a repertoire of skills
  • promotes strategies and skills for independent thinking and lifelong learning
  • prepares our students for entry into senior schools, via common entrance examinations, scholarship papers and other forms of entry test

Our school curriculum is designed from the ground up – that is to say it begins with the early years foundation stage in the nursery and continues, through the Pre-Prep and Prep school, offering a comprehensive and integrated syllabus along the eleven year journey.

Our curriculum draws its influences, themes and principles from a range of statutory and non-statutory documents and strategies including

  • the early years foundation stage
  • the national curriculum
  • the ISEB syllabus for common entrance at 11+ and 13+
  • the ISEB syllabus for common academic scholarship
  • the assessment criteria for senior school scholarship papers

At all times we seek to combine the very best traditions and values of a prep school education with the themes and principles of a twenty-first century curriculum, so that our children may take an active part in the modern world.

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Copthorne Preparatory School
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Pre-Prep Office: 01342 712365
Waiting House: 07593 708900

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