Wider curriculum

We understand that children learn at different paces, and not every child will make fast progress through the Read Write Inc. groups or find it easy learning their number bonds! Our mission statement recognises that success does not just take place in the classroom and so we actively encourage participation in a wide range of activities outside of normal lessons.

Visits to local places of interest give the children a wide range of educational experiences and are particularly useful as an extension of topic work. Visitors to the department similarly provide alternative forms of learning; for instance a travelling theatre group brings a completely fresh understanding of the Great Fire of London!

Copthorne has a strong tradition of encouraging pupils to take part in the performing and expressive arts and there are numerous opportunities for pupils to develop their skills in these areas including an art club, street dance, band and LAMDA speech and drama lessons. Children from year 2, and occasionally year 1, can also have tuition in a range of musical instruments.

Tuition in chess has also helped us develop a hugely successful chess squad, with children representing the England national team, Sussex teams and matches against other schools. A weekly chess session is on the timetable for year 2 and many pupils take the opportunity to follow this up with chess club on a Wednesday afternoon!

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