Students with headteacher

8th Grading for Ewan!

9th December 2015

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESLast week Ewan did his taekwondo grading and achieved his red belt. This is the 8th grading he has done over recent years, moving up one level each time. During this hour long session he had to perform a series of patterns and do sparring with a partner in full body armour.

Virtual Open Day

Another Virtual Open Day!


Our next Virtual Open Day will take place on Saturday 3 October where we will share a link to an exclusive Open Morning page. The page will contain more information about our school and videos showing ‘A day in the Nursery/Pre-Prep/Prep School’.

Should you wish to speak to the Headmaster & Head of Pre-Prep in person, you are also invited for a 1:1 (socially distanced) chat at your convenience.

To book an appointment, or to register your place for the Virtual Open Day, please email our Registrar, Kathryn Billingham-West on