Students with headteacher

A Typical Day

Blank Blank
7.30 am Boarders Breakfast
Breakfast Club
Pupil supervision in the Rendall Room
8.00 am Pupils supervised in their Form rooms by the Form Tutors
8.15 am Morning Registration
8.25 am Chapel / Assembly / Form Period
8.55 am Morning lessons begin
10.05 am 1st Break / Morning snack
10.25 am Morning lessons continue
11.35 am 2nd Break
11.50 am Final morning lessons
1.00 pm Lunch / Lunch Break
1.55 pm Afternoon Registration / Reading Period
2.15 pm Afternoon lessons begin (Games for Years 3-4)
3.25 pm Afternoon lessons continue (Games for Years 5-8)
4.35 pm Normal home time (3.45 pm on Wednesday)
 4.40 pm After school activities / Prep begins
 5.20 pm Tea
 5.50 pm Late activities / Prep / Supervision of day pupils
 7.00 pm Boarders activity
 8.00 pm Boarders supper / Final day pupils pick up time
 8.15 pm Boarders showers / bedtimes (age dependent)

We are delighted to announce
we have been shortlisted
for the
Independent School Parent
Wellbeing School of the Year