At the centre of our philosophy at Copthorne Prep is the belief that language learning is a creative and collaborative activity; where pupil engagement and enjoyment are key.

Language should not be just an activity where the ultimate goal is to achieve an academic standard that will hang on a wall gathering dust, never to be used again. It is a life skill that opens doors to different cultures and experiences.

For this reason, we believe that for our pupils the language learning experience at our school should be one that will be remembered and treasured for the rest of their lives. In order to help us achieve this, pupils have opportunities to participate in language days, trips abroad in Year 7 and 8, theatre visits for younger years, quiz competitions at other schools and cultural workshops such as flamenco dancing.

The majority of pupils learn Spanish and French at Copthorne Prep. French is taught from nursery through to year 8. Spanish is offered as an after school activity in pre-prep and is then on the timetable from year 3 upwards.

Latin is also offered, as part of an enrichment programme for the more able linguists, in year 6.  Pupils have a weekly lesson and follow the CE syllabus. By year 8 they have the option to sit a level 1 exam.

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