School trips

Learning throughout the school is enhanced by the provision of regular school trips. Many areas of the curriculum are made more memorable and can be brought to life by visiting the actual site of a battle, seeing the remains of life from long ago or by being part of a drama production. The opportunities are endless and so we ensure our day trips are carefully planned, have a specific learning outcome in mind, are shared amongst all of the age groups and are spread out throughout the year so that pupils always have something to look forward to.

Many subject areas will often join together to offer slightly longer trips. We have been some hugely successful language, art, history and RS trips to major cities in France and Spain.

However, it’s not all work and so in addition, there is an annual ski trip, most often to the Italian Alps. Year 7 enjoy a week of team building activities in North Wales and once their examinations are complete, year 8 travel to the south west of France for a week of watersports.

Wherever the venue and whatever the tasks being undertaken, our pupils clearly enjoy the opportunities afforded to them whenever they are outside of the classroom.


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