A busy week!

We have had a lovely first week with our two new teachers.. Mrs Potgieter and Mrs Jenkins … and no news yet from Mrs Diedericks! Please note that any queries for the class teacher should still be emailed to jdiedericks@copthorneprep.co.uk. We think it is easier to keep that address, which will be opened by whichever teacher is in, and also can be accessed by Mrs Diedericks as she wishes to stay fully informed!

The children have listened to the story of Jack and the Beanstalk; then cut out and sequenced the pictures from the story AND then wrote at least one very interesting sentence. Some clever people even managed 4 sentences!

In maths we have just started addition and now we know we can count groups altogether and get an answer!

Outside we had great fun using positional language playing games in the playground. We also made a beautiful sunflower number line in each class and counted out the correct number. Sticking to our farm theme we also collaged a farm picture using seeds and pasta.

We hope you have received the letter about RED words in your child’s book bag and now have some ideas to help make learning more fun! Good Luck!

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