Students with headteacher

Adding two sets of numbers

22nd January 2016

In literacy we have been reading and retelling the story of ‘Rosie’s walk’ by Pat Hutchins. The children each chose a part of the story and wrote out what happened, noticing how dangerous bee hives were! Poor Mr Fox!

In maths we have been learning to add two sets of numbers to make 5 or 10. We also practised counting in 2’s and looking at how we can double numbers to 5. Next week in maths we will be looking at shape and measurements.

We have been talking about how other children get to school all around the world and found out that some have to walk for hours. We made some lovely maps to show our journeys to school. We also looked at trains and how useful they are to move around easily in cities.

Next week we will be looking at travelling on and under water!