Students with headteacher

Amazing Dads!

19th June 2016

We have had fun making Father’s Day cards this week. There are some amazing Daddies out there! Our Daddies are … as clever as Santa, as strong as Grandad, as funny as me, as kind as a teacher (ah thanks children)! We have been learning to take away in maths and made a great start in our books. We were so excited to meet our new teachers and all the children came back smiling. Mrs Jenkins and Mrs Diedericks were reminded just how much these children learn in a year. This time last year we did not all know how to line up nicely, some of us could not write our names and we could not read or recognise all our numbers! We have learnt to get ourselves dressed and undressed, do up buttons and zip up coats. Wow we are so proud!  We are preparing the children for their move, sitting down all together and trying to work independently on a task in the mornings. Our Summer concert songs are coming on nicely.

Welcome to Copthorne Prep School!

We have a couple of events happening in October:

Whole School Open Day – Saturday 2nd October (9am-1pm)

Year 7 Experience Day – Saturday 9th October (9am-3.30pm)

Mini Acorns Forest School Sessions – September to November (9:30am-11:00am)

Please note that all events are by appointment only.