Baking Day in the Pre-Prep

BAKING DAY always precedes our Harvest Festival and this year the budding chefs in the Pre-Prep exceeded themselves and provided each other (and the teachers) with a wonderful Harvest Feast. The Reception children made ‘fairy cakes which were delicious’; Mrs Passmore’s class made ‘crunchy rock cakes and soft sultana and apple cake’; Mrs Pitcaithly’s class made ‘apricot and plum crumble’; Year 2 made bread: Sam wrote the following ‘First we got some flour. The flour weighed 225g. Then we put the sugar in and the butter and then the water. It was mushy! We kneaded it for a long time. Then we baked it. I ate it. I loved it’. Gabriel wrote: ‘First you need to wash your hands. Then you need to put 225g of flour on the scales. Then we sieved it in a bowl. Then we added yeast, sugar, salt and water. Then we mixed it till it was all sticky. Then we put it on the table and we kneaded it. Then we left it to rest in the kitchen.’

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