Bursting with News!

We hope that your children have been bursting with news about all the activities that they have done this week. Our learning has been based on the theme of ‘On the farm’ and we have all enjoyed listening to the story of The Three Pigs. The children designed a For Sale poster advertising one of the houses that the pigs built. Clearly we have many convincing sales people! The teachers are proud of the great progress that the children are making in writing sentences.

Mathematics included comparing weights of various building materials that the pigs may have used. We would like you to continue reinforcing the mathematical vocabulary as often as possible at home. This week we focused on words such as ‘heavier’, ‘lighter’ and ‘compare’ as well as the names of 3D shapes.

Our wellies were put to good use on a few learning walks. We thoroughly enjoyed doing crayon rubbings around the school grounds. Despite the weather conditions we took our clipboards out and evaluated different areas of the school. The children have strong opinions on what they like and many are confident enough to explain their opinions. We hope that your children remind you about the Country Code they discussed, if you venture out over the weekend.

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