Coins, sounds and Hedgehog Facts

20th November 2015

We have been looking at different coins and their value. The children did coin rubbings and had to order the coins on a number line. They really enjoyed this activity. We also set up a toy shop and gave all our toys a price label. The children and teachers took turns buying and selling toys and talking about the coins we use.

As we have finished all our sounds this week, we have been working hard at using these sounds to make words. We wrote the words on our whiteboards and read them back to our partners. We have also been making up some very funny alien words. Please keep your sound folders at home and go through the sounds as often as you can.

We have really enjoyed exploring autumn and talking about how our seasons change.

The children remembered and wrote out some very interesting hedgehog facts. We also learnt about the fruit that the trees give us and read the story of Handa’s Surprise. What better way to make the story come alive than to make fresh fruit salad? So the children chose and cut up their own fruit and made a delicious fruit salad! We also learnt about healthy eating and how important it is. The children had to sort the food into “healthy” and “unhealthy” and then draw their own healthy meal!