Our French play ‘Les Trois Petits Cochons et le Grand Méchant Loup’ – (we particularly like the catchy title!) – is being performed at 9am on Friday 28th May. Coffee will be served beforehand in the Rendall Room. Year 2 casting is still under discussion but Year 1 and Reception are sorted into the following animal groups;

Mrs Pitcaithly’s Class:  girls – rabbits ~ boys – hedgehogs

Mrs Bryant’s Class: girls – kittens ~ boys – puppies

Mrs Passmore’s Class: girls – birds ~ boys – mice

Miss Coetzee’s Class:  girls – chicks ~ boys – ducks

The costumes can be very simple and, to allow for good singing, please make sure that the children’s faces are not covered with beaks or noses! We may need to ask for some help from home with learning a line or a song;  please look out for this in your child’s book bag. As there is only room for one person per child in the Theatre, other family members desperate to see the play are welcome to the Dress Rehearsal on Thursday 27th May, at 9am.

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