Students with headteacher

Great excitement!

13th May 2016

chucks-receptionGreat excitement generated for the whole department, with the arrival and subsequent hatching of the ‘Living Eggs’! Everyone has wanted to be in Mrs Jenkins’ classroom – please do come in and look .. the chicks will be with us until Thursday.

Our tadpoles have still not grown their legs but we remain hopeful that it won’t be much longer. We have also been looking at spiders that weave and spin in particular; learning that they all have 8 legs and how strong their webs can be.

We’ve used this knowledge in Literacy and wrote some spider adjectives. Yes you read right … we are very grown-up now!

In Maths we have learned to count in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s and made fan-tastic wiggly worms to help us with this. We continue to work on addi-tion and are becoming really good at adding things together.

Our first minibeast picnic and minibeast talk at Tilgate Park was a great success and the children really enjoyed it.

Thank you to everyone that lent us a picnic blanket or two!