Humpty Dumpty

The Reception children at Copthorne Prep School have made a great start this term. They all seem happy and have settled beautifully. We have been busy learning our RWI sounds and we are happy to see that so many parents are working with their children at home to help them form each letter correctly. As well as letters, the children have been talking about the Nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty. We talked in PSED about why Humpty might have fallen off the wall and thought about how he would have felt. Also this week, we made egg and cress sandwiches, looked at breakable and non-breakable objects, played in a mud kitchen and decorated some happy or sad Humpty Dumpties for our wall.

Next week we are learning the rhyme Little Miss Muffet and are looking forward to going into the woods on a spider hunt!

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