LAMDA lessons for Year 1 and 2 are well underway now.

I have been delighted by all the children’s enthusiasm and dedication. They are all already word perfect which is excellent.

This week we have been discussing how to project our voices which is often confused, in the early stages of LAMDA preparation, with shouting.

Next week we will be looking at making our work as expressive as we can, highlighting individual words to reflect the mood of the poem.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with all the LAMDA students who have the potential to be very successful in their examinations in March.

Many thanks to all parents for your support in getting the students off to such a flying start.

Well done Avyanna S, Max K, Idris O, Samuella A, Rohan B, Aarav B, Olivia B, Aiyana F, Riann J, Matthias O-B, Zara M, Samuel S, Caleb J, Rian P, Priyan P, Jack Y, Valentina L-S, Aidan B.

Mrs A Dawson