It seems a long time ago now, but on the Friday before half term, the Reception children invited their parents to a Nursery Rhyme afternoon to celebrate their half-term’s work. There was an activity for each of the rhymes in which the parents were invited to join, including collecting ‘s’ sounds to put on Miss Muffet’s spider; making Humpty Dumpty out of biscuits and icing; weaving ribbons through Bo-Peep’s sheep and making puzzles for Hickory Dickory Dock’s clock! The highlight was asking the mums and dads to lie on the floor to be drawn around and turned into the Grand Old Duke of York’s soldiers! This half term our theme is Autumn and we began the week with an Autumn walk in our woods. We looked carefully at leaves changing colour, talked about the dangers of eating unknown berries and fungi and we collected pine cones, conkers, acorns and
leaves. We have examined our treasure under magnifying glasses and used the leaves for printing.