Students with headteacher

“On or Under Water”

5th February 2018

We have been learning about time, looking at clocks and making our own paper plate clocks in Maths. We have also started to tell o’clock time and learned all about 3D shapes.

In Literacy we have used this week’s topic of “on or under water” to do story planning of an adventure under the sea in our submarines. The children came up with fantastic ideas ranging from scary moments meeting sharks to the magical meetings of mermaids and finding treasures. The children really impressed the teachers with their ideas and writing.

We continued the theme of submarines in our Art lesson and made some lovely bubble print pictures. The children had to blow paint bubbles and print them on paper to make their sea background. Some of us found it a little tricky to blow the bubbles but we all definitely enjoyed having a go.

We also did a 1 minute challenge to see how many of the same activity we could do, such as hopping, jumping, building a duplo tower, in the minute. There was lots of laughter as all the children participated in the challenge and we were all quite surprised at how long a minute can feel at times!