We have been reading the story of Rapunzel and the children had great fun designing and making their own towers for Rapunzel to live in. Careful balancing was necessary whilst waiting for glue to dry! Some were really tall, while others had extra turrets to make them special.

The children also wrote fantastic recaps of their favourite parts of the Hever Castle trip. The water maze and getting soaked seemed to be the greatest excitement for most!

We continued our Maths journey this week working on doubling and halving. The children have been great at doubling numbers but found halving a little trickier. Parents are very welcome to do a little more with their children on this at home – practice is necessary!

We’ve had some unusual weather this week and would like to ask parents to ensure that your child’s black coat is at school and clearly named.

Also please could you see that there are not too many keyrings on the book bags and remove any that are torches, as some children have been shining them into their friends’ eyes.