Students with headteacher


7th February 2020

We have been extremely busy over the past couple of weeks studying transport on or under the water and through the air. We celebrated Chinese New Year and really enjoyed making lanterns, hats and dragon masks. We used our chopsticks to move red and gold coloured noodles into bowls to help improve our motor skills and were intrigued to find out we were born in the Years of the Horse (2014) and the Goat (2015). In Maths we have been learning about sequences that add up to 5 using “5 frames” and began to look more in depth at the number six and seven using dice and dominoes. We had a wonderful afternoon at Forest School making boats and, as you all know, we took them home to float them again!

Our favourite book is now Emma Jane’s Aeroplane and we all want to fly around the world to collect a fox, a rooster, a lion, a pigeon, a dragon and a wombat! We created our own story map reflecting Emma Jane’s journey, impressing our teachers by recognising lots of different international cities and landmarks such as Paris, The Statue of Liberty and Big Ben in London.