Students with headteacher

Reception News – Spring Term 2017 – Week 4

1st February 2017

Time has been the order of the day and more specifically seasons, days of the week and minutes. We ordered our “days of the week” train, sticking and writing the days in the right order. Our next challenge was to complete tasks in one minute, building a Lego tower, threading beads, jumping and hopping. We also looked at the different hands on the clock and what they tell us. Maybe you could come up with some one minute challenges of your own – not sure they can quite unpack the dishwasher in one minute but let us know! Investigating objects that float or sink proved very interesting and we linked this to boat building!

The children found the PSED lesson on other children’s journeys to school around the world very interesting. We saw how some children walked for hours, rode donkeys and even went in boats to school. A fascinating lesson for us all!