Students with headteacher

Reception News – Summer Term 2017 – Week 1

22nd April 2017

All the teachers were delighted to see the children back this week with happy faces and lots of stories of holidays and Easter eggs!

On Tuesday there was much excitement after Miss Norman (who loves opening windows) let all the Maggie birds out. Thankfully all were found safely in the playground with a little treat!

This week we wrote a post card about our holidays and drew some beautiful pictures. We also looked back in our books to see how much we have learnt this year already, we were very proud of ourselves!

We have been working on counting backwards this week first of all from twenty and then from other numbers. We then had to write our numbers as we counted backwards. We did have to think carefully at times!

Our minibeast topic is proving very popular and we completed some lovely spider, lady bug and ant paintings in art this week as well as having a minibeast hunt in Forest School.

We are also very keen for the children to use their knife and fork properly and hold them in the right hands at lunch as we begin to get ready for Year One (eek, don’t panic parents) so please practise at home. On Wednesday we had a broccoli challenge at lunch time and every child in Reception ate all their broccoli! Impressive!