Students with headteacher

Reception News – Summer Term 2017 – Week 4

14th May 2017

What an “eggciting” week in Reception as our living eggs arrived and we watched all 10 chicks hatch. As well as spending lots of time watching and deciding on names, we are keeping a ‘Chick Diary’ to help us learn to record what we see and to learn our days of the week.

This week we have also been recapping coins and money in maths and would really encourage you to allow your children to use coins to pay for things when shopping. It’s something that children do not often get the chance to do these days.

At Forest School we got our fire going and decided to make a chocolate cake in our big Dutch Oven! It was yummy but a little black in places!!

We are really trying to prepare the children for Year 1! Please encourage your child to get themselves dressed and practise doing up and undoing buttons. We are also getting very good at all sitting and working quietly together in the classroom.