Reception have had a very busy and fun week. Our nativity practice is going well and the children are singing beautifully.

In PE the children have started learning the basics of hockey. They each had a hockey stick and were learning to push a bean bag. Some great skills emerging!

We have been really working on formation of our letters and pencil grips. Please remember “two frogs on a log” when your child is writing or colouring at home. We also worked on zig zag patterns making sure we go from left to right and top to bottom. These are important skills as we learn to write.

During Forest School we were amazed to see how bare the trees were after the storm. We decided to build a den down in the new Forest School area by the pond. We had to find the materials we needed and take them there. Thank you to all those parents who have bought warm boots and /or warm socks for these out door lessons. It makes a huge difference.