Reception News – Week 11

3rd December 2016

Nativity practices have been high on the agenda this week and the children have enjoyed singing their songs and saying their lines. Fingers crossed it all works well next week! Thank you for all the lovely costumes sent in. Well done parents!

We had our first attempt at independent writing. The children had to write about something that they did over the weekend. A great try by everybody! They have also really enjoyed working in their number books this week trying hard to form numbers correctly. The number 2 is quite tricky and easy to muddle up with 5 – we have also been making sure we count accurately – 1 at a time, carefully pointing and moving counters as we count.

In art we enjoyed printing with apples, making lovely autumn patterns and some props for our nativity.

The children have also been a lot better at being independent…. trying to put on their shoes, coats, hats and gloves by themselves. Please keep practising with zips at home!