Students with headteacher

Reception News

11th December 2019

The children have come back to school full of energy and keen to show off their autumnal treasures. We had a real variety from pine cones to crab apples, magnolia seeds and a heart shaped piece of moss, not to mention all the beautiful colourful leaves!

During Forest School we created pictures using these treasures and talked about not eating berries from the bushes and trees as they are poisonous to humans but good for the birds and wildlife.

In Maths the children have astounded us with their facts about the number ‘6’ e.g. a hexagon has 6 sides, 5 add 1 is 6, 1 less than 7 is 6 and a rectangle can have 6 squares! We also had fun finding numbers on balloons, rearranging them in the correct order and eventually we popped the correct balloons for more and less than.

In Art, we made poppies and learned all about the importance of Remembrance Day. We started to rehearse for the school nativity, learning the catchy songs and practise our lines too. Please can we remind you to return the signed Individual Development Plans from the parent conversations at the end of last half term.