This last week was designated Safeguarding Week at school. We had a talk from the NSPCC on Monday (Reception to Year 2), and Years 1 & 2 had a further assembly on Thursday discussing the NSPCC’s PANTS rules. During these discussions the aim was to teach our pupils the follow-ing important safety skills without giving explicit information or telling scary stories. We taught the children how to stay safe by learning the PANTS rules, which the NSPCC have developed to be like a Green Cross Code for staying safe from sexual abuse.

PANTS stands for:
• Privates are private.
• Always remember your body belongs to you.
• No means no.
• Talk about secrets that upset you.
• Speak up, someone can help.

The assemblies introduced a range of ideas, all delivered in a way that was fully age-appropriate, empowering pupils without using any frightening words. These include:
• good and bad touching
• your child’s right to say no to things that make them feel upset or uncomfortable
• naming parts of the body
• who your child can turn to if they ever feel upset or worried.

If you would like to know more about the NSPCC’s campaign and learn how you can help keep your children safe in partnership with us, more information can be found at