Summer poems

26th June 2016

Summer (or is it?!) Fun continues in Reception! We wrote an acrostic poem about Summer:

Mrs Jenkins’ class came up with:
Sunny seaside
Utterly delicious ice cream
Motor boats on the sea
Me loving ice-cream!
Early sunny mornings
Roses growing in the sun.

Mrs Diedericks’ class wrote:
Unbelievably fun
Multi coloured ice-cream Egg and spoon races
Run as fast as you can!

We have been working so hard on taking numbers away in Maths and have truly enjoyed the challenge of it. Numbers day was lots of fun and we really got to show Mrs Lee (our Head of Maths) how much we have learned this year. We’ve also been practising hard for our Summer concert and hope that our mummies and daddies will be WOWED next week at our performance. Can we please ask that all Library books and reading books be returned by next Wednesday at the latest?