This week we have been looking at money, carefully examining each coin to identifying and sort. The children have been talking about when money is used and some have said that they like to earn their pocket money! Our Reception shop has also opened and the children have really enjoyed being shopkeepers as well as shoppers.

Having read the Stick Man in Literacy, we made fantastic stick men in Forest School and linked the story to a discussion about the seasons and weather. In Art, we made hedgehogs by pinching air drying clay, really focussing on the key features of the hedgehogs. We also learned some interesting facts about hedgehogs like the fact that they are nocturnal and have a great sense of smell and hearing but very poor eyesight.

We’ve also come to the end of our first set of RWI sounds this week and will now be working hard on blending those sounds together. The children will be moving on to new challenges at home to help prepare them for the reading process, please keep an eye out for a letter next week explaining your child’s next step.

Nativity practice is also going well, and the children are trying hard to remember their lines and do their best acting. Please remember the costumes are due to be in on Monday, 19 November.

There have been lots of absences this week with the children having high temperatures. We hope that everyone feels much better soon.