Mrs Laurie and Mrs Bryant have enjoyed welcoming the 26 children into their classes.  We extended a special welcome to the 5 children who were new to the school.  Everyone has settled in very well, the only complaint being ‘it’s more work and less play here.’


We took the children for a walk around the whole school so that they felt comfortable in the theatre, library, sports hall, chapel, dining room etc.


We are busy using the Jolly Phonic Reading Scheme and the children have a sound a night.  It is good to be on the internet which provides a lot more programmes.


The children are fortunate to have 2 swimming lessons a week and all the children appear to be very confident and have impressed us with the speed of dressing themselves!


Just 5 ways to help Reception children:-


1.         Check for a correct pencil grip.


2.         Check they form their letters correctly.


3.         Help the children to use a knife and fork.


4.         Encourage the children to dress themselves (we do top buttons and ties!)


5.         Play ‘I Spy’ with their sounds.


Always feel free to talk to us about any problems.