Students with headteacher

Using our Senses

18th January 2019

Reception embarked upon a trip around the school grounds using only their senses.  We discovered that we could hear the children playing using our ears, we could see steam coming from the swimming pool using our eyes and we could smell something not very nice near the bins using our noses. We were fascinated by the roughness of the theatre wall, and loved tasting our fruit surprise when we got back to the classroom!

In Maths we focussed on symmetry and made beautiful butterflies using paint. We also learned to count in 2’s this week but found it rather tricky.

Forest School was a hit as always! Mr Lloyd divided us in teams to make our own hot air balloons with string, fabric and egg cartons. We then had the opportunity to fly them off the climbing tower to see which team’s was most aerodynamic. Great fun and lots of laughter!