Visit from the Winchester Science Planetarium!

15th November 2021

Out of this World Learning!

On Wednesday morning the Pre-Prep children and staff welcomed the Winchester Science Centre mobile planetarium for a truly out of this world experience!

The Reception children really enjoyed their presenter lead ‘Little Stars’ show. The children looked at the stars in the sky and were encouraged to notice how these vary in brightness and colour. They loved hearing stories about the constellations and making dot-to-dots in the stars before joining in with a group performance of ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’. It’s not every day that you get to count the craters on the moon and see the ice and rock rings of Saturn up close!

The Year 1 and 2 children delved deeper into the wonders of the universe as they were encouraged to look up on an action-packed tour which took them to the Sun, the Moon and many of the planets in our solar system. They were fascinated to learn about the Great Bear and how to identify the Plough and find the North Star.

Back on Planet Earth
It has been a very exciting and busy week for Reception. We have been working hard in Maths in creating our own repeating patterns and have learned all about number 4 & 5 and their composition. We have investigated some 2D shapes too. In our Topic lessons we have been learning about Space and we have been fascinated by learning all about the different planets in our solar system. The children each painted their favourite planet and explained their reasons for their choice of planet to paint.

Year 1

In Maths we have been exploring different ways to subtract. We have used counters to take away, jumped back along numbers lines and found the difference with cubes. After being shown a range of methods, the children are now able to work out what apparatus they prefer when completing number sentences.

Our ‘Light and Dark’ theme this half term has started with a bang…. and a crackle and a whish thanks to Bonfire Night! The children discussed and described all the different fireworks that they saw at the weekend. We then drew the different shapes in the air before creating firework scenes using scratch art. The bright colours of the fireworks look absolutely stunning against the black of the night sky!

In RE we learnt about another festival of light- the Jewish festival of Hanukkah before practising our cutting skills to cut out candles for the menorah.
In English we have been inspired by our book ‘Man on the Moon’ to think about what other life forms might live amongst the stars. The children each made an alien out of playdough before using the iPads to print off a place they would like their alien to visit in preparation for a senses poem about their chosen destination.

Year 2

During Maths we have been learning how to exchange ones for tens. This has helped us master column addition and subtraction. We are loving our topic on Space and have been fascinated by stories of space travel. Discussing the characteristics of an astronaut has inspired us to live healthily and build teamwork skills. Taking inspiration from Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the moon, using clay, we create our very own moon tiles with craters. We thought carefully about different shades and shadows. (added to art bit)

In Art we had great fun creating bright solar paintings in the style of Peter Thorpe. Our rockets look spectacular. The learning activities about Diwali have given us collaborative learning opportunities and we enjoyed choosing between drama, art and IT activities.
We also had an exciting time in Forest School this week making popcorn and toasting marshmallows.