It has been a very exciting week in Reception with the unusual weather! There has been plenty of discussion about snowmen, snow angels and wearing our snow boots for break times.

We’ve also been hard at work writing about Jack and Jill, and wondering what Jack could spend his gold coins on! We also did a bit of planting in Forest School and eagerly wait to see whose beanstalk will grow the tallest in the next couple of week!

In Maths we have been learning about money: identifying the different coins and looking at clever ways to help us find them in our wallets. We also had to estimate and then calculate how much money each jar contained. The children did really well and surprised the teachers with their knowledge and skills.

As part of our Farms topic we are looking at what farmers can grow. We learned how wheat is processed and turned into delicious bread that we all love so much; and much enjoyed making our own sandwiches for afternoon snack.

Thank you to the parents that have already returned the children’s IDP’s (Parents Evening Discussion sheets). Please can anyone that has not yet returned it do so as soon as possible. You will receive a copy of it for your own records too.

We look forward to seeing all the Mummies at our Mother’s Day Service on Friday 9th March at 9am in the chapel.