Students with headteacher

Year 1 News – Spring Term 2017 – Week 3

28th January 2017

Forest Fun continues in Reception this term despite the very cold weather. They much enjoyed their bear hunt, playing hide and seek with their teddy bears. Finn found a great hiding place … under a gauze bush! It was a bit spikey! George wants to go on an elephant hunt next.

Don’t worry, we are not planning a class trip to Africa!

We followed up our outdoor lesson with some writing about what we had found on our hunt for the bear!

Tilly saw “smelly bear poo on the grass. The bear also had a nap in his den.”
Olivia saw “a big bear scratching and rustling in the trees.”
Sheridan saw “a bear den with wire to trap the bees. It was very messy!”
Niam saw “a magic bear in a quiet storm!”

We tried to make sure we left spaces between words and tried to get all our letters correctly formed and on the line! There really is a lot to remember!

Our journeys then moved from “On foot” to “By rail” as we used shapes to make different types of transport vehicles, buses, rockets bikes and more as an introduction to shape work next week. We looked at trains old and new and talked about trams.

We continued work on doubling and halving numbers as well as repeating patterns. We have also been looking at making number sentences and working on partitioning sets to five and ten.

Next week we will be looking at days of the week and months of the year so over the weekend you could talk through your child’s favourite day of the week and why! We will also be building boats next week so could we please ask you to bring in a plastic tub of some sort (margarine or butter tub is ideal) for this activity!

Just a reminder that we really do need trainers at school every day for play time! We are also finding that a large number of gloves, hats and other items of clothing are not clearly labelled. Please, please could you label your child’s belongings clearly especially gloves and hats to avoid them getting lost. It really makes our lives so much easier and allows the children to be independent!


Welcome to Copthorne Prep School!

We have a couple of events happening in October:

Whole School Open Day – Saturday 2nd October (9am-1pm)

Year 7 Experience Day – Saturday 9th October (9am-3.30pm)

Mini Acorns Forest School Sessions – September to November (9:30am-11:00am)

Please note that all events are by appointment only.