Science Week

Science week was hampered by the inclement weather and the planned activities had to be rescheduled, however the year 6 trip to Oxted Science fair was enjoyed by one and all, especially the dancing flame tube which changed the height of the flames depending on the music. Year 7 have looked at conservation projects and their work has been extremely good with Chloe Redston winning the chance to adopt an animal as the prize for the best project. Year 5 have made some amazing useful objects out of rubbish, year 4 had great fun designing balloon rockets, year 3 have launched parachutes with eggs in them, and the pre-prep have made volcanoes and are having a competition to see who can grow the largest sunflower. We look forward to measuring those in the summer term.

Zillyan pedaling hard to light up the word SCIENCE
Zillyan pedaling hard to light up the word SCIENCE
Matthew trying to stay upright
Georgie being shrink wrapped!
Hmmmmm! Is it a solid or a liquid??


Useful object from waste materials
Useful object from waste materials
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