Students with headteacher

A glorious 5th Day!

5th April 2019

Franz has that Friday feeling! The sun is shining, the mountains look majestic, and everyone will be back skiing today! Coffee percolating, bacon sizzling (that bit’s of a lie – the Italians don’t seem to do bacon and eggs). Franz is ready!!!

All aboard the coach ready to depart. Children have already gone through 2 pre-departure checks : helmets, gloves, goggles/sunglasses, lunch voucher, pocket money and suncream! Just shut the doors to depart when EM realises he only has one glove!

A glorious day, waiting for the awards presentation!

Highlight of the week for Franz is taking the children to a very large supermarket and watching them shop! Some shop very wisely others don’t!
“No you cannot buy beer – not even for your dad”
“Do you really need 6 bottles of power aid drink?”
“That’s an awful lot of haribo”
“Why don’t you just get some water?”
”Have you got enough money for all that chocolate?”
“Don’t eat too many sweets – you are having supper in an hour, and they are for the journey home!
“No, you cannot pack that ice cream in your hand luggage for the journey home!”

Brilliant days skiing today – the best snow of the week and wall to wall sunshine. The only downside was that they kept the top lifts closed as they blasted for avalanches!

Bryan complaining that his throat has been cut by some eggshell in his carbonara! Franz has told him to drink lots of water. Other staff less sympathetic!

Children had turkey and potatoes for main course with panacotta for desert. Staff brought cheese and fruit. What a bonus – Franz very happy- Shame there was no port!

Children all packing now. Meet on the phone to Mum and Dad, LM also although he said to Miss J “why is she phoning again”.

Our departure time has been brought forward tomorrow so we will be leaving the hotel at 5.15pm not 7.15pm so we could be back at school by 8.00am not 10.00am so parents should be prepared! Final confirmation of eta at Copthorne will be sent from Calais on Sunday morning.

4 different ways to eat spaghetti!!!
Boys going for salad too! #healthyeating