Students with headteacher

A Snowy Day 4

4th April 2019

Good Morning from the Aosta Valley! Miss J on hair duty again! Day 4 – even more snow and wind! The mountains are shrouded in mist which means it will be snowing at the top! Staff all volunteering to look after Josh, there may be a crowd of adults in the Yeti!

Mary Poppins has started again. Franz hoping the wind has changed and spit spot she has disappeared! Songs being sung in show order! Franz grateful he can only hear with one ear! Franz is tempted to “give their nose a tweak!” Supercalifragalisticexpialidocious!

Another first for Franz – the gondolas are running but they are not allowing anyone on yet until they have checked all the doors open correctly. Lots of snow on the ones coming down. Children in the coach watching Moana! The children in Miss J’s gondola have been entertaining too!

Franz’s gondola buddies!

All up the mountain and in ski school, Josh together with the sick/injured from all other schools and staff members gathered in the Yeti. Fortunately he can ski tomorrow, others in plaster cannot!

Mr A and Mrs H have joined us at the Yeti looking like Yetis – 50 cm of snow on the mountain and lots on them!

Mr A about to go “into the white” – hopefully not like Captain Scott! Mr A and Mrs H returned safely to base ready for refreshments (teachers water)! They were surprised to see William who had joined JR on the “off games” table, having fallen in the powder snow and hurt his left wrist! “Are you a toughie or a fluffy” was the comment from the girls games staff! JM just joined us too! Didn’t drink his water at lunchtime like Franz told him too! No wonder he has a headache! Youth off today simply do not listen to the wise words of their elders! Franz despairs!

All safely counted down off the mountain. Pretty much everyone fell today as the snow was so deep! Powder skiing on the pistes! Cold, wet but happy skiers heading back to the hotel for a hot shower! Room inspection later, then supper followed by a quiz. First question – what is happening with Brexit?

It’s still raining in Aosta but the forecast is for sunshine tomorrow. Josh will be back skiing as will Franz following his midweek day off!

Room inspection just about to begin, to include the sniff test again, and a forensic examination of hand luggage to check for mouldy sandwiches etc.

Quiz night going on with team Captains Emily, Libyan, Macie and Liban!

All now in bed. Josh and William all fine to ski tomorrow. The forecast is for a beautiful sunny day so even a Franz is having an early night in preparation for a long days skiing tomorrow! Good night all!