Students with headteacher

And so it begins!

31st March 2019

And so it begins … Franz (the intrepid skiing correspondent from Copthorne) has dusted off his Lycra ski racing pants, fashionable in the 80’s, and is now en route to Dover. Children all wearing bright orange hoodies and look like they have been tangoed! Or like convicts in orange jumpsuits! Makes them highly visible so Franz thinks it is a good idea, as long as he does not have to wear one!

Felix in trouble before we had even left the school for not saying a proper farewell to his mother, and Macie almost did the same. Josh fine and now watching Top Gear!

Many children eating – some more than others. Most are plugged into something electronic with headphones, and then shouting at each other! Franz is out of touch with modern technology. Caelan and Taylor are sitting behind Franz, who can feel a headache coming on already!!! He may have to resort to his own headphones for a bit of Bruce Springsteen!

Dylan is eating a carrot- it’s the same colour as his hoodie! Everyone else seems to be eating unhealthily!

Arrived at Dover – coach selected for security check – drivers keen to get on the early ferry – but their lead fell on deaf ears. Franz frustrated with a 60 minute wait at Dover, Burger King delighted! Having shopped til they dropped at the port shop, executive decision made not to allow them more shopping on the ferry. Staff delighted when announcement made on the tannoy, asking school staff to report to the shop to stop children running around and shouting! Franz relieved that no tangerine Copthorne children involved!

Bryan bought a selfie stick – and after 30 minutes his phone dropped off  – “Chinese rubbish” he said!

All safely back on the coach and we all snuggled down for the night! Franz finds it difficult to snuggle down on a coach seat, but children were all good. Some had even stopped eating by this time!

Some confusion over the time! France is a hour ahead, and then the UK clocks go forward – much debate about whether we are one or two hours ahead! Scientific leader Mrs Coppin says 2 hours ahead although this does not mean 2 hours less of struggling to snuggle down and sleep on the coach! Coach clock showing 0510, Franz’s phone showing 0710, and Taylor wide awake and chatting behind Franz! Franz could do with a bacon sandwich and a coffee.

The sun is coming up! We are stopping for breakfast and everyone is happy! Franz can almost smell the bacon and coffee.

Happy Mother’s Day to all our Copthorne mothers! Meet has just given MJ and LC Mothers Day presents – that boy will go far – very sweet so thank you Mr & Mrs P!
Another classic quote from Bryan “I’m going to have my snack straight after breakfast” and he did! Breakfast was not bacon, but typically French. Croissant and bread roll with jam and juice or tea, coffee or chocolate. Sadly AH was not well enough to join the group – all our best wishes to him – but it did give Franz a second breakfast voucher! I enjoyed the second coffee but gave the chocolate croissant away. One willing volunteer go will remain nameless but his parents will know who!

Children Now watching a dvd (nine lives) starting Kevin Spacey – not sure those words should be used in the same sentence, but also not sure the children would understand why! They seem to be enjoying the film.

Just arrive at the Mont Blanc tunnel. Spontaneous singing of Mary Poppins songs from NVH, LH and TM! Franz no longer has a “cheery disposition”! Arrived in Italy ??

Arrived in Aosta! About to go and get the skis fit now! It a beautiful day In Aosta – 16 degrees! Moscow last Sunday, Aosta today – what a jet setter Franz is!

Speedily through ski fit! All sorted with skis, boots poles and helmets ready for tomorrow! Off for lunch now – Franz thinks it’s either pasta or pizza! Yippie

Guess the pose! Franz never claimed to be a good photographer – the Aosta bull ring is behind the children!