Students with headteacher

Day 1 – Copthorne Prep Ski Party

26th March 2017

08.00 and all is still well. Certainly not quiet as eating and electronic games are all being consumed vociferously. Franz has resorted to headphones and a bit of Bruce Springsteen. Mrs Franz still seemingly in the land of nod – a place that Mr Franz would love to visit even fleetingly! All our cross channel sickies seem to have recovered! No more green faces only smiley ones ?

08.30 and only 15 minutes until breakfast. Franz is looking forward to coffee! GW getting in the mood by watching “Eddie the Eagle”.

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY from all the skiers to their mothers!

09.00am – Back on the road now . Everyone fed, watered and toileted! Nurse Jones’ surgery had a reasonable queue of invalids seeking travel sick tablets and regular medication! Watching “Finding Dory” now which is keeping some amused – the rest are still eating and wired into gadgets. Ruby O, sitting across the aisle from me is still eating and talking – or talking and eating, sometimes both at the same time!!!

Bonjourno – we are now in Italy!! Leah is entertaining the troupes with her accents/voice overs and generally silly voices. Pepper Pig was popular!!

We have arrived safely – now at ski fit before off for a pizza lunch. Big blue sky – lots of snow – all set for a great week!!

All through ski hire and kitted out with boots, skis, poles and helmets. Off for a late lunch – pasta not pizza – then off to the hotel to chill! 20 degree temperature – children looking forward to a drink – staff also!!!

7.00pm – Rooms all sorted, Children all showered, some seem to have put the same clothes back on! Staff tired but smiley. A pre-supper staff meeting helped!! TJ our rep is lovely and has been out all season. Supper is pasta followed by meat cutlets. Franz is hungry!


Virtual Open Day

Another Virtual Open Day!


Our next Virtual Open Day will take place on Saturday 3 October where we will share a link to an exclusive Open Morning page. The page will contain more information about our school and videos showing ‘A day in the Nursery/Pre-Prep/Prep School’.

Should you wish to speak to the Headmaster & Head of Pre-Prep in person, you are also invited for a 1:1 (socially distanced) chat at your convenience.

To book an appointment, or to register your place for the Virtual Open Day, please email our Registrar, Kathryn Billingham-West on