Copthorne Prep Ski Party travelling to Pila, Italy

25th March 2017

And so it begins! The 2017 Ski Trip Blog. Franz has dusted off his 1980’s Lycra racing pants ready for another sojourn to Pila!

The usual last minute seat changes on the coach to accommodate friends, coercing last minute waverers onto the coach – she is fine now – explaining the rules (no rubbish on the floor, no being sick on the coach, no smoking after lights out – the usual stuff!). I can never quite work out why I end up sitting next to the noisy children!!

Everyone tucking into snacks/sweets already. Someone asked to use the toilet before we had got to the M23. The joys of travelling with 42 young children are all flooding back! Next stop Dover!

Several children already asleep. The rest still steadily grazing on crisps and chocolate. FT with his headphones on singing along to Ed Sheeran! Just arriving in Dover now!

Slightly bumpy journey on the ferry. A few green looking children – lots more still eating and drinking!

12 o’clock (UK time) and all’s well (and all’s quiet)! Ooderlally, ooderlally golly what a day!!!

04.00 (French time) All is still well. Coach stopped for a change of drivers. Why am I still awake???

05.18 (French time) As a result of attempting to sleep in a twisted position, Franz thinks he has pulled an external intercostal muscle – or an internal extacostal muscle. Either way he is still awake!! Franz feeling strangely philosophical. Thinking that he has “lost” 2 hours out of the 26 March. He time travelled from 1.00am U.K time straight to 3.00 am French time! I hope nothing exciting was supposed to happen in the missing two hours!!

06.30 French time (04.30 UK time) we stopped for fuel so everyone is now awake!! Those that were asleep in the first place – philosophical Franz figures you cannot become awake if you were not asleep! Ruby O is now very awake – and eating and talking and talking and talking!