Day 2 – First Day on the Slopes

27th March 2017

Finally on the gondola with DVH, GG, MM and MJ. Up at 7.00am, good breakfast of cereal, bread rolls, croissants, yoghurt, cheese, ham, fruit etc. Juice or hot chocolate for the children and coffee (strong and black!) for the adults!

I never realised how much DVH can talk!!!! One year 7 boy forgot his gloves so was given a spare pare at the gondola station that I have just picked up as I came through!! I had forgotten how “interesting” day one getting ready for the slopes can be. One Yr 4 boy has broken the record for asking questions for things that have already been explained to him. Yes –  you need to take your helmet with you – it won’t protect your head if you leave it in the hotel!

Goggles day today as it will be snowing at the top.

On the slopes.

All children sorted out into their respective groups – all have met their instructors- epipens, inhalers, goggles, gloves helmets, lunch vouchers, skis. Yes you do need to take your skis; whose gloves are these? Didn’t you go to the toilet before we left?  Yes, your gloves goes on your hands, and yes, your helmet goes on your head! Is any one else not sure how a helmet is worn! Whose gloves are these? This is the second time I’ve picked them up, why don’t you put them on your hands where they belong then you won’t lose them again!

Visibility is not good and Franz had jelly legs. He fell over twice when he was standing still- first time he had fallen over for 5 years – rolled around like a wibbly wobbly than couldn’t get up! Had to resort to removing a ski in order to stand up! Sadly, the whole episode was captured by daughter so picture and even video ( yes- it took me that long to get up) may appear on Facebook later- that’s why I am confessing now!!

Lunch time now!! Staff having lunch and not a beer in sight!

What a difference an hour makes – the sun is shining and 6/8 staff have stopped early so we can be ready to greet the children back. Sitting on the sun with a glass of water(!) for company!!

Everyone seems  to have had a good day on the slopes, and some of the less experienced skiers fell over less than Franz!

On the coach now heading back to the hotel. The drivers have stocked up on water so everyone is re-hydrating. Genuine water not teachers water!!

Children all showering now, some are even using soap and shampoo! If patents wish to speak to their children then phoning the hotel at 7.00 pm Italian time (6.00pm UK time) is good.

One of the moments of the day was when JA-B set off a domino effect when she knocked over some  skis and they knocked over 9/10 pairs including a right angled bend! Children off now to tidy rooms before room inspection in 15 minutes!