Day 3 – Back to the Slopes

28th March 2017

Up at 7.00 am, breakfast – pre-ski checks: helmets, gloves, goggles, sun cream, lunch voucher, pocket money, ski pass, EHIC Card and Medicard – ok on the coach!

Repeat pre-ski checks on the coach! Whose goggles are these that a Year 7 girl swore blind that she had left in her hotel room? You have yours and I will have my spares back! Like herding chickens!!! Franz has woken up with a cough! Tourette’s (red wine) revenge I suspect!!

BEAUTIFUL BLUE SKIES. It’s going to be a scorcher!

All children safely into ski groups- GG had her boots on the wrong feet – easy mistake to make!!! Usual sequence of lost gloves/goggles that seem to grow legs and walk away from where they were left!

Beautiful blue skies! Staff have stopped apart from DJ who has gone solo!

Great skiing today – normal service has been refined and Franz managed to stay upright all day – even on the black runs – unlike DJ/MA who fell with dignity whilst  young snowboarding gappie WM performed a somersault in the powder!!!

Walked the group through the beautiful pedestrianised streets of Aosta on the way to the ice-cream shop! Children spoilt for choice of flavours although there were tears when the strawberry ran out, and the next boy in the queue only wanted strawberry! All full of delicious Italian ice- cream – TM wants to live here! On route back to the hotel to shower before supper. Franz is looking forward to the pasta although the children are so full of ice cream they are probably not hungry!

HB left his wallet in the ice cream shop. Good job Franz was checking – year 8 boy has not noticed he has lost it yet! I wonder how long it will be before he notices? LG in voice over mode again. Anyone know where her volume button is? Not just LG – lots of children being loud – all full of sugar!!

Apparently LG got knocked over by a chair as she got off the lift, ( she was probably in voiceover mode), OF knocked the instructor over – she was not amused! Only 4 people out of 50 had not fallen over at all this week – Mrs Jones, Mrs Coppin, Miss Jones and AW!