Students with headteacher

Day 5 – A beautiful day!

30th March 2017

Morning all! It’s going to be another beautiful day on the mountains but Franz is feeling the effects of multiple falls yesterday caused without question by the extra weight of Jeffery the monkey! He is staying in the hotel today sobering up!! Franz also feeling tired after an 11.00pm phone call from a parent!! AN really does not do mornings – he sort of grunted a good morning to me – teenage boys I suppose!

OMG, OG – skiing today in her cow onesie but forgot to take her ski pass out of her jacket! Fortunately she remembered before we left the hotel! LLL and JM room have lost their key. RO wearing mascara, problems with children misusing technology – Franz feeling weary. NA has challenged OG to a race (foolish move) as OG will be the fastest cow on the mountain!

More Chris Rea on the radio – making Franz feel happy!

Franz and family have stopped for a second breakfast this morning! Children all gone off without incident this morning. The Copthorne machine is again well oiled – I’m sure Jeffery (Chucky) put a jinx on us all!

Franz has stopped for morning coffee! Just seen group 3 whizz past – OF, FT, GG, LB, DVH, JM, SR, GW, LG – all looking fast!

MD having problems standing still. MJ had a very slow and graceful fall this morning so only Miss Jones has remained upright all week so far. MA has vowed to fix that!!!!

Mrs Coppin has just left to go and have lunch with the beginners. The great NA/OG race was close with NA winning by a second or two! He really did not want to wear the cow onesie!! A real gentleman like Franz would have lost!

Headline: Kochi crashed and loses both skis! Jenna fell off the chairlift 3 times! OG has just announced over the coaches microphone that she lost to NA in the race, so he is the better skier on the day but moral victory to OG!!

Heading back to the hotel now for shower and chill out, supper tonight is at 6.30pm Italian time. (5.30pm UK time) and then we are out bowling! If any parents want to call about 5.15 pm UK time is good!

Franz is sad to report that he has again confiscated iPads belonging to children who should know better.

Bowling Results – AA with 132 was first. CR with 122 was second and EC with 119 was third. They all beat Franz although MA showed signs of a misspent northern youth and won overall. DJ was second and  the always competitive MJ was third! Overall AA would have been second behind MA who scored 148.

All children in bed and staff following suit. It has been a long, hot, very sunny day and Franz needs his beauty sleep!

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