Students with headteacher

Day 6 – The sun is still shining!!

31st March 2017

Friday breakfast. AW came down to eat with her salopettes on inside out! LOL – NA has just given OG the boxer shorts she has to wear on the slopes for losing the race. I hope they are clean ones!!! I’m amazed at the number of children who have never slept “between the sheets” in a bed with blankets. I suppose they mostly have duvets at home! Another learning experience on a Copthorne ski trip!! OMG – EC (or Jacobs to his friends) – has come down ready to leave with no ski jacket. Eagle eyed Franz spotted him and was told he thinks he left it on the coach. He was sent to find it but sadly it was not there. He was sent up to his room to look whilst pre-ski checks were being completed with everyone else prior to boarding the coach. EC then appears (minus coat) saying the room door is locked. The key was not where it should have been in the hotel reception. EC sent to the coach to check if the key was still in the pocket of one of his roommates! Success – EC reappears with key so rushes up two floors again to find missing jacket! More success as he reappears a few minutes later with the jacket he could not find 15 minutes earlier AND the missing spare key. Result! However, we are now 10 minutes late so will miss our slot in the boot room so will now have to slug it out with another school. It’s no wonder Franz has high blood pressure!! Apart from that, the snow monster has taken JTD’s sun glasses from his helmet where they were sleeping overnight! As the lenses had already fallen out of his goggles he is now using Franz’ spares. The sun is shining again so everyone has plastered on the lotion. TC & LP especially as they look a little red faced! Drivers have made good time so EC is forgiven!!!
On the gondola with Franz this morning! OMG the gondola had stopped! Franz could be stuck with these three for some time!!! Fortunately it was a brief stop!!

Miss Jones has fallen over!!!!!!!! Everyone has now wiped out at least once. OMG – LC has just been sewing up NK’s ski pants that split in a rather embarrassing place!!! Tales of the day’s events are beginning to unfold – LA took a major tumble following a jump. AA flew through the air.

CF ( alias Jim) is trying to teach NA and our rep TJ a card game called “exploding kittens”. He seems to be making up the rules as he goes along!

Virtual Open Day

Another Virtual Open Day!

Our next Virtual Open Day will take place on Saturday 3 October where we will share a link to an exclusive Open Morning page. The page will contain more information about our school and videos showing ‘A day in the Nursery/Pre-Prep/Prep School’.

Should you wish to speak to the Headmaster & Head of Pre-Prep in person, you are also invited for a 1:1 (socially distanced) chat at your convenience.

To book an appointment, or to register your place for the Virtual Open Day, please email our Registrar, Kathryn Billingham-West on