Students with headteacher

Last day on the mountain!

1st April 2017

Happy birthday Franz! Happy birthday was sung by 42 of his favourite pupils at breakfast and given a birthday boy badge that has to be worn all day. What better way to spend your birthday by having a ski then helping 42 not very independent children pack followed by a 12 hour overnight journey on a coach! Bliss!

The sun is struggling against the cloud this morning and just about winning although snow is forecast for later. Up at silly o’clock as lessons start and finish earlier.

Franz has finally finished for the day – a non stop descent from the top of Cous 2 down to the bottom has finally finished him off. LC had to collect one boy who had been kept off the slopes for the morning to take him to meet his group for lunch and decide whether he should ski this afternoon.

MJ/LJ/NA decided not to ski today as visibility was not too good. We have moved from the Yeti cafe to an Irish bar called Gallagher’s. I wander if it is a relation of Leah’s? OG and EW have swapped ski jackets!

The advanced group also having lunch in Gallagher’s. Anyone for a Guinness?

Apparently the whole of the advanced group are swapping jackets!

Back on the coach heading for the hotel for the last time! Showers and packing before departure around 6.45pm.

All showered and packed. The odd child is wearing clean clothes! Final meal of pasta (6 days out of 6) followed by pork and diced potatoes. Parents please note that the children’s EHIC cards will still be in their ski jackets! Correction, not diced potatoes but roasted Mediterranean vegetables! NA said “gracias” to the waitress when she gave him his meal. She told him in excellent English that “Gracias” was Spanish and the word in Italian is “Gratzie”.

Fruit for desert. HE came to tell me that he cannot peel an orange – he is not the only one from what Franz can see! Another dying art!

All aboard and departed from the hotel. Next stop the layby with the Total petrol station on the French side of the Mont Blanc tunnel to drop off LL, OG and AN who have another weeks skiing!

Successful rendezvous with the Nabar’s, Griffin’s and L-Leech’s so 42 is now 39! Swapped 3 children for 2 bike wheels! Franz thinks this is a very good trade off (although not necessarily for the right 3 children!)

Watching “Storks” on DVD! Much hilarity – especially from LG now sitting far too close to Franz who has  now resorted to the sanctuary of Bruce Springsteen via his headphones!

STOP PRESS! Photo from last night’s Awards Night …. Copthorne Ski Trip 2017 prize winners for being good citizens