Students with headteacher

Our second day on the slopes

2nd April 2019

Children and staff all slept like babies. All woken, all fed, most brushed teeth, all checked and double checked for helmets, gloves, goggles, lunch vouchers, pocket money, sun cream. The slick Copthorne machine has been fine tuned – so we were early this morning, perhaps a later breakfast tomorrow.

Franz has been having sinus issues since flying back from Moscow. He is now very deaf in one ear but can’t decide if it is a blessing or a curse! All aboard on the way to the slopes. Franz spare kit bag has been used already for goggles and gloves!

Sun is out but it is also cloudy- storm coming in from the west – snow is forecast for tonight! A goggles day today!

It’s been a beautiful morning. Empty slopes, sun shining, staff have done lots of skiing!

Children all doing very well! Miss J managed to get a video of the beginners who are skiing like experts! Sun has just about won through today although storm / snow is forecast for tonight/tomorrow.

Karaoke tonight so Franz is looking forward to being entertained by the choristers!

All safely down the mountain. JR via the medi- centre as he had a tumble on the last run of the day! Blood wagon took him off the piste and Mrs F summoned to medi centre, but given the all clear after the doctor checked him over! Back on the coach now, smiling! Mrs Franz is a tad jealous as the ski medics are all gorgeous and they take very good care of you as they ski you to the medi centre. Mrs F is on first name terms with the doctors as she has been there so often over the years!

3 Jones’ said farewell to the 4th member of the family as she departs today to fly back to the UK!

First solo singer of the night

Year 8 boys have just murdered ‘Barbie Girl’. WC dedicating a song to LH. Year 7 boys doing ‘YMCA’.

More recruits for the School Choir Mrs Janman!

The Copthorne barbershop quintet performance.

Year 8 Grade 6 singing!  All those lessons were worth it!