Students with headteacher

Snowing on Day 3!

3rd April 2019

Good morning!

Miss J’s hair salon in full swing! Whose next for a pony tail, plait, fishtail?
All aboard with kit! Year 7 girls last onboard. Franz hates tardiness!!! Raining in Aosta so it will be snowing in Pila at the top of the mountain.

A few sore throats from the karaoke singing/ shouting. Franz is not sure Mrs Janman will recruit many for the choir.

Strangest incident of the week so far – Lewis put the room key on his pocket – there is a hole in his pocket – key ends up between the lining of his ski trousers down by his ankles! Franz had to turn him upside down to allow gravity to lure the key back. When he could reach through the hole to grab the fob to pull it out, he discovered that the key had separated from the gondola pass and was still in the lining down by his ankles! Repeat the process to recover the key! A first for Franz who has encountered most things over the years!

Snowing at the top. Not too much visibility but all groups are off- as long as they stay below the tree line they will be fine. Franz and family, with newly adopted son JR, are having their “second breakfast” in the Yeti cafe. Josh watching a film, but Franz has arranged for him to have an hours French lesson with Mrs H, an hour of Science with Mrs C and an hour of maths with Franz. Mr A is off the hook as he is off games!

Franz managed one run before retiring for the day! Visibility still poor; boots are hurting; snow very sticky so a recipe for disaster! Franz has reached the age where sitting in the cafe is OK’

JR is reading! Miss J is asleep!

Mrs C revising the periodic table on her phone, Franz has also resorted to his book “teach yourself skiing”.

Franz now reading MacBeth. He thought it was Shakespeare!

Children showering and hopefully putting on clean clothes. Room inspection at 5.30pm to include a “sniff test” to literally sniff out the shower dodgers! Depart at 6.15pm for genuine Italian pizza parlour. No “Dominoes” here.

Mrs C tracked down some of our skiers! Group 2 listening intently to their instructor before going off into the mist!

The third set of football kit Matthew has worn this week. He tells me he has 22 different kits! Crystal Palace for the uneducated- Wolves (home and away were the others – for the interested!).

Children all full of pizza, ice cream and fizzy drinks! On the coach back to the hotel trying to calm down the excitable hoards. They all seem too hyper for bed!!!!

Sienna and Lucy sitting behind Franz are singing a medley of Mary Poppins songs, in cockney accents!

Bizarre question of the day from Meet – “What age do you need to be to visit the death camps in Aushwitz?” Franz (feeling historically guilty) has no idea. He is certain there was no age limit during the war, but suggests the Head of Science may be more clued up! If all else fails we can google it tomorrow.